UACES 43rd Annual Conference

The UACES 43rd Annual Conference took place in Leeds, England, 2-4 September. The 2013 conference was attended by over 300 delegates. The CRN on EU-China relations organised four panels, on the following topics:

New Directions of EU‐China Relations I: Political Relations. The first panel analyses the political roles of the worlds’ two major influential players and gives projections for future dynamics of relationship.

New Directions of EU‐China Relations II: Global Governance. The second panel stresses wider implication of EU-China relations in the context of global governance.

New Directions of EU‐China Relations III: Trade and Economy. The third panel focuses on the most concerned and resourceful aspect of both Europe and China.

New Directions of EU‐China Relations IV: Environmental Partnership. The fourth panel discusses the urgent cooperation in environmental problems.


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