UACES 42nd Annual Conference

3-5 September, 2012 Passau, Germany | Official Webpage of the conference

During the 42nd UACES Annual Conference in Passau/Germany, the EU-China CRN held its official launch event. It also convened as many as four panels on the various aspects of EU-China relations. Please find the overview and the papers presented below.

EU-China Relations I: Politics and Identity. The first panel focuses on the issues of politics, identity and global roles in EU-China relations.

EU-China Relations II: Impact of Eurozone Crisis. The second panel highlights the immediate impact of the Eurozone crisis on EU-China relations.

EU-China Relations III: Global Order and Governance. The third panel addresses the wider implication of EU-China relations in the context of global order and governance.

EU-China Relations IV: The Role of Regional Integration. The fourth panel explains the evolution of EU-China relations within the regional integration process in Europe and Asia.

Here is a list of all panels and papers presented at Passau. The papers can be found in our publications section.

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