Mission and Objectives

The main objective of the CRN is to bring together scattered and fragmented knowledge and on-going research about contemporary China and EU-China relations in a structured network, which is meant to be

  • wide reaching in terms of geographical origin and professional activity of its members;
  • mutually enriching in an interdisciplinary endeavour;
  • inclusive in all senses of the word, complimentary to existing exclusive consortia in the field.

The CRN serves as a platform for sharing available resources within contemporary European and Chinese studies and raises awareness of the variety of approaches and research activities being conducted in the academic community in Europe and in China. It is also a forum for exchanging and distributing latest research findings, setting up new research agendas, partnership matching for the development of joint research projects. It strongly encourages the participation of early stage researchers and works in close partnership with the UACES Student Forum, in order to support the new generation of EU-China scholars